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The PACIBER Diploma is a program for students studying business who wish to develop international skills through a combination of courses, study abroad and internship experience.

The bearer of the PACIBER Diploma will be recognized as one who is an internationally attuned management individual with the requisite academic credentials, overseas experience, language capability and cross-cultural training to be immediately productive upon accession to any Asia-Pacific-related position.

Meet the PACIBER Diploma Students

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About the PACIBER Diploma

The PACIBER Diploma is a unique educational program in management studies focusing on the Asia-Pacific Region. It builds on the graduate requirements of PACIBER member universities by requiring multiple language competency, study outside the student's home country and an internship in a foreign or multinational company. In addition, an innovative curriculum of international business courses with an Asia-Pacific focus has been developed by member faculty with input from major corporations in the region. Qualified students will be carefully selected based on academic records, language ability and adaptability to other cultures.

Core Forms The Base

The academic heart of the PACIBER Diploma is found in its emphasis on current management developments and topics in the Asia-Pacific region. Courses focusing on Asia-Pacific management issues can be taken at the student's own school or abroad during the exchange phase of the propgram. Jointly developed online courses are also available via the Internet. Cutting edge curricula at each member campus offer PACIBER Diploma students the opportunity to discover and comprehend the new paradigms that are unfolding from the experiences of East and West converging in the Pacific Rim.. The common body of knowledge at all PACIBER schools is designed to ensure that PACIBER Diploma students share a common grounding in the fundamentals of business, economics, quantitative analysis, finance, marketing and management. Taken at the student's own school during the first year of a master's program, these courses cover a wide range of subjects from Managerial Accounting, Statistical Analysis, and Financial Management, to Information Systems and introductory courses in Management and Marketing, among others. The Master's degree will be awarded by the student's home university.

Language Competency

PACIBER Diploma candidates must provide evidence of competency in at least two of the region's oral and written languages. This will most often include English and an Asia/Pacific language such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Thai, Bahasa and Malay.

Overseas Experience

Exchange at a PACIBER School

Students must undertake one semester of study abroad (at least three months) at a member PACIBER university. The period may vary due to differences in seasonal semester length at various schools and the academic interests of the students involved. The period spent studying abroad introduces students to new practices of scholarship, culture, and different theories and systems of management. Students must be nominated by their home institution to qualify for a semester study abroad at another institution.

Internship with a Foreign Company

Students must undertake an 8-10 week internship or field experience program with a foreign-owned company or organization locally or in another country in the Asia-Pacific region. This gives them the experience of working in a real business environment: they are given job level tasks, and are expected to perform as professionals. Both students and those companies offering internships have found that periods of internship may lead to employment, since they provide the ideal environment for students to explore a particular company, and allow companies to assess a student's potential as an employee.
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